#3: Wikipedia Kerfuffle

Merry Christmas everyone! On the day that Wikipedia got a slap down from the authorities our spritely conversation features:

  • Advertising and girls in the long tail of body geometry
  • Sanitory towel adverts
  • Use of sex in advertising
  • Lack of use of after advert effect feedback
  • Nik’s IADB (Internet Advert Database) idea
  • The blocking of Wikipedia in the UK due to an offensive photo
  • The questionable usefulness of Facebook groups
  • Wisdom of the Crowds/Madness of the Masses
  • Massive blobs of FUD
  • Andy gets an iPhone
  • Managing information with Evernote for the iPhone
  • Customer service and shouting about positive experiences
  • Spinvox
  • Measures for the iPhone
  • Lifecast for the iPhone

Mistakenly recorded at the Komedia Cafe in Gardner Street, Brighton again.

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3 Responses to “#3: Wikipedia Kerfuffle”

  1. onmejack Says:

    Hi guys

    Really enjoying the shows informative and funny.

    However I thought the mini rant against Facebook groups was a little off base. Sure I too find some of the groups annoying and pointless. ‘I bet i can find a million people who can say their own name’, or ‘I read it in the Daily Mail so it must be true’

    However, as Stepehn Fry said, the Internet is a city, and like a city it caters for all. And Facebook just like any comunity center houses groups for particular needs and thoughts.

    So will facebook groups change the world? maybe not. but in an increasingly insular world, its uniting people on a common theme or belief. As fans of a show. Bringing attention to a charity run. It can introduce you to people, however virtually, that you would never have met before.

    Isn’t that a good thing?

    So maybe a facebook group wasn’t responsible for stopping a starbucks in Brighton, but if people could use the group to share information, arrange protests.

    Isn’t that a good thing?

    sponsered by the ‘Defend Facebook groups’ group.

  2. nikbutler Says:

    Steve, fantastic that your taking time out to comment. I promise we’ll come back to this topic now that Facebook have decided that its easier to make things harder in navigation. Cheers for the ears my friend.

  3. onmejack Says:

    Yeah, im not even going to try and defend that…

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