#2: Starting to Twitter

esquiresTo this day I still don’t know what was going through my head when I hit the record button. This episode doesn’t have a beginning! It just sort of fades into an already happening conversation. Forgive me please – once it gets going the content is quite good and there’s a really funny bit about two thirds of the way through.

Today’s twitter-inspired banter of the geeks features:

  • Dreamhost and hosting
  • Live setup of whitenoise website
  • Andy overcomes his skepticalness and starts twittering
  • Refactoring your wetware – Andy Hunt
  • Twittering as conscience streaming
  • iGirl for the iPhone
  • Political correctness overkill and saucy postcards
  • The old blog argument – should businesses allow bad comments?
  • Sony’s little big planet game – and 2 legged penises
  • Amplified – The Network of Networks
  • Social Media dictionary – Twictionary
  • Onomatopoeic domain names – Todd Rundgren
  • Forgotten email addresses in Twitter
  • A child chain gang goes by!
  • Using gmail for all your mail and safeguarding your data

Joyfully recorded from Esquires Coffee House, Horsham

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