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#104: It’s not working

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Brought to you from The Laine Deli, 31 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4ED The Great Firewall of Cameron The Open Rights Group Response  Try Reading the Open Rights Response from a Public Library as @KevGlobal Did Cluelessness at the Heart of Decision making

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#100: A ton of stuff

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Brought to you this morning from The Guarana Bar, 36 Sydney Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4EP. It’s our 100th episode so we have a full hour: IAB claim Mozilla is “Undermining the openness of the internet” Google Universal Anaytics The internet is a surveillance state Goodbye Reader Andy presenting on Bmusic’s, The Noise Reel episode 2

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#98: Almost there

Monday, February 11th, 2013

On the day that it snowed: BT Scrap Fair Usage Caps and Follow SKY  Wherefore art though Google Fibre UK ?  Dell goes Private Micheal Chipped in a few quid. Coinbase selling over 1 Million USD  Open Government is not equal to Open Source  Recorded at the Blind Tiger Club, 52-54 Grand Parade, Brighton, UK

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#89: unBanned from the Broadband

Monday, July 30th, 2012

On the day that Andy was late to Horsham – thanks to the roadworks on the A23: Facebook abstainers may be suspicious  Chat can Overthrow a Govt.  Myths about Real Names Tweets are Holidng up the Games Alex Day breaks rules  Record Labels protect only themselves Recorded at New House Farm Cafe, Horsham.

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#85: We’re not dead yet

Friday, May 25th, 2012

On the day that Nik and Andy re-visited a coffee shop because they wanted to sit outside in the sun: Nik Rants about Tumblr Rather ironic then to point ot  Will Wheaton rainting about Google+ Which follows neatly into The Age of Curation And that leads into Human Bitcoins and the Facebook IPO Recorded at […]

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#76: The New Social Order

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

The show where Nik explains why people should be elected: Have you Joined Diaspora ? Reddit Users get active on the Darknet plan Shad.ddih explains some problems with RF networking. Honary Mention to Geekplanetmatt Recorded at Esquires Coffee House, 6, The Forum, Lower Tanbridge Way, Horsham RH12 1PQ, UK

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#75: Not Counting

Monday, November 21st, 2011

On the day that Andy found a new coffee shop opposite the Town Hall: France looks to tax the net to pay for music  Europe’s technology chief has said “Copyright isnt working“ lets Remind ourselves about where the Internet came from Given up on Gowalla ? Is Foursquare the only Tool for Checking in now […]

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73: The Reset Show

Monday, October 24th, 2011

On the day that Andy tripped over his bag and knocked a vase of flowers over, which spilled down a vent and nearly cut off the electricity to the cafe we were recording at…. iPad and tablets now exceed Smart phones for USA web traffic ; something better than Google+ And looks pretty […]

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#69: Oooh You Are Awfull

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

On the day that we recorded on a Friday: Nik’s out of Klout Researchly : UK Startup scene is doomed : The Steffen method : Self building structures – Andy’s prediction about human-built carbon harvesting Ribosomes (shot down by Nik) Recorded at The Laine Deli, 31 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4ED, UK

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#68: I Predict a Riot

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

On the day that it wasn’t Monday: Cameron’s Social Media crackdown plans applauded by China, meanwhile a California transport company gets a cyber whipping for shutting down mobile transmitters But thats okay Google want to use Real Names ; that will help Podcasting bigger than Twitter but not in the public consciousness Special thanks to […]

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