#60: The Late Uninvited

TFI Lunch, 10 Dukes Lane, Brighton, UK
On the day that Andy and Nik ignored the bunting we talked about leaks, lists and literacy.

Recorded at TFI Lunch, 10 Dukes Lane, Brighton, UK.

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One Response to “#60: The Late Uninvited”

  1. Anthony Godber Says:

    Hiya, found your site today after looking into Evernote from Nick mentioning it after the accident on the motorway today. Just been listening to #60 and the last half hour of late night working has flown past.

    It looks like you guys are addicted to good coffee as am I. I have recently found a local country pub serving coffee from Cafeology, @cafeology on twitter, and its fantastic!

    I found the info on the EC2 very interesting & Microsoft have really got it right with the Xbox Live family pack.

    I will buy you guys a coffee in the near future for sure (as soon as some customers cough-up)

    Right, going backwards #59!

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