#59: Left Intentionally Blank

Redwood Cafe, 97-99 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4ER
On the day that Andy was offered £50 for his car as scrap:

Recorded at Redwood Cafe, 97-99 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4ER


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4 Responses to “#59: Left Intentionally Blank”

  1. Clive Walker Says:

    Please bring back the amusing introduction [“hey, let me write that down”]. Always find that funny. Might be my sense of humour but it’s a good intro, especially for new listeners. Cheers guys.

  2. Documentally Says:

    Great show guys. I really enjoyed this one. Not sure if it’s because you hit the ground running or because Nik was as prophetic as ever.

    I bumped into WordPress at SXSW and they told me they have plans for an app that would be as easy to use as posterous. That said i think Nik’s musings have made my mind up about stripping away all the whistles and bells from my wordpress blog and simplifying things..

    Errr.. Nik.. Can you change my theme please? 🙂

    (Note: Nik seamlessly sorts out my blog hosting, upgrades and stuff.)

    I also love the value you give to your sponsors (i.e. King Of Shaves, eBuyer etc) As you really take apart the products and service and are not trying to sell anything other than an entertaining recommendation.

    I’d be happy for the show to have a different intro every week. After all.. you are not trying to be radio.. You are better than that. 🙂

    Thanks again and keep up the good work. I’m now heading for the donate button.

  3. Anthony Godber Says:

    Hiya, downloaded and had a look at Windows Live Writer as you was talking about it, lost for words that it is compatible with WordPress! Then you mentioned that Microsoft have gone over to WordPress.com for their blogging platform, again very shocked, but good move.

    I am learning something new every show!

    3D printing and piracy, what an angle! I think you are on the money that when 3D printers are becoming mainstream there is going to be chaos in licensing / patents.

    On the shaving topic, I have had to go away from wet shaving as I was getting more and more sensitive. If I was to be lazy and leave it for a few days, I was unable to shave that morning and go out to see a client as it looked like I have some contagious disease! I ended up buying a Braun Series 3 £60ish half price. Not been irritated since. King of Shaves do have some very good products that I tried before I got my Braun.

  4. nicholas butler Says:

    And the thought becomes reality


    Todd Blatt gets a C&D Letter for creating something for a 3D printer.

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