#22: A Suprise Show

On the day that the Internet connectivity surprised us:

Amusingly recorded at Tanhouse Cafe, Warnham Nature Reserve, Horsham, UK.

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5 Responses to “#22: A Suprise Show”

  1. James Whatley Says:

    I don’t always comment, in fact – I think this is my first one. But I thought I’d tell you I really enjoyed this week’s Social Media White Noise.


    Keep it up 🙂

  2. Duncan Sample Says:

    The production quality is very good. What do you use to record it?

    Signed the petition, definitely not a fan of the plans there.

    Since you mention Vodafone 360, it would be interesting to see what you think of Ribbit, O2 Litmus, and Orange Partner’s attempts at opening up.

  3. Vodafone 360 : Our Man Inside Says:

    […] you may want to listen to Nik Butler and Andy White’s thoughts on Vodafone 360 in the podcast Social Media White Noise (7 minutes into the […]

  4. Andy White Says:

    Hi Duncan – thanks for the comment. We use a couple of AKG lapel mics straight into the Zoom H4 digital recorder. The recording is the topped and tailed with the standard intro and exit – no editing or other post production whatsoever – if we goof up, we have to talk our way out of it – just live a live show 😉

  5. Andy White Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, James. Don’t forget to spread the word/love/RSS feed.

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