#21: Italian ladies of the night

On the day that Andy suddenly remembered his fave cafe…

Noisily recorded at La Gigo Gi Cafe, New Road, Brighton, UK.

Update 2/10/09:

It turns out Giovanni, the owner, is a great performer. Check out this Eventful Brighton episode where Giovanni sings Elvis.

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  1. @LSstacey Says:

    Yes you can subscribe to Posterous audio content with iTunes.

    In the typical Posterous style, all the hard work is done for you.

    It’s in here:

  2. @davidCocoonApp Says:

    Thanks for turning me onto Posterous, and the mention of Cocoon. Much appreciate the the great content. Thanks to you both.

    Be well,


  3. tookiebunten Says:

    Great podcast again, just wish they were longer! But that’s me just being greedy. Thanks for the mention 😀

    I have a question which relates to the mobile browsing/internet access and basically is the pros and cons of tethering, security issues with an iPhone and also now with the Carphone Warehouse offering MiFi and how does that compare?


  4. admin Says:

    Tookiebunten , We have been given a 3 Mobile Wifi ( MiFi ) device to evaluate. The awesome people of 1000Heads have lent it to me and I assure you I will give it a thrash and take it on the road as well as to a recording. You’ll get our views during the show and of course after we upload.

  5. #17: Giovanni sings Elvis | Eventful Brighton Says:

    […] away – and he was good! I’ve known him for a few months now and recently recorded one of our Social Media White Noise podcasts there – where he made a brief appearance. By the way – his meatballs with pasta is one of the best […]

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