#18: The Ranting Media Episode

On the day that Nik’s dongle didn’t and neither did James Whatley:

Lovingly recorded at the Santa Fe Coffee Company, West Street, Horsham.

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2 Responses to “#18: The Ranting Media Episode”

  1. redduffman Says:

    Thanks chaps. You may be interested to know that lost of people use Twitter to share live sporting events. I myself have suggested doing something similar with films. Everyone agrees to watch a specific film on DVD at a specific time and date. While they are watching they discuss it on Twitter while they’re watching. It supposed to be like a Social Networking DVD commentary.

  2. tookiebunten Says:

    I’m going to leave my comment here as this is where I’ve got to having only discovered the podcasts yesterday.

    Guys these are brilliant and I had wished I had found them earlier. I find them informative, interesting, relevant and right good fun.

    Please keep it up and I look forward to enjoying more in the future.

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