#17: Cross Dressing Avatars

On the day that neither one of us had swine flu, we enthusiastically talk about:

Healthily recorded at The Brighton Coffee Co., Kensington Gardens, Brighton.

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2 Responses to “#17: Cross Dressing Avatars”

  1. Matt Morgan Says:

    Enjoyable chat. I was also followed by Harry Potter immediately after tweeting I’d taken my daughter to see the film. On the same day, we went to Pizza Express, which I tweeted and immediately got this reply:
    “heard you talking pizza! Next time you crave it, i’ll help you out! No more burnt pizza.. ever!-Luigi http://bit.ly/j9PNA
    I think this is a worrying trend on twitter and I suppose on all social media. It means I might have to be careful how I mention what I’m doing just to avoid spam replies. The question is, what are the full implications of where this will go, and will it suffocate genuine conversation and signal with so much noise that we give up? A filter/auto blocker solution is needed – unless there is already one?

  2. Andy White Says:

    I think this topic warrants more coverage – thanks for your story, Matt. Did you ever find a suitable filter/blocker? Let us know if you did.

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