#5: Politics, Virtualisation and Drobos

Despite the glare of, what must be, the shiniest cafe table I have ever seen, our conversation today features:

  • The annoyance of non-free WiFi
  • Joiku Hotspot WiFi
  • Tweetie for the iPhone
  • Andy’s iPhone has black screen of death
  • Stanza for the iPhone
  • Nik’s Social Media work with the Conservatives
  • Nik’s 5 Social Media rules (again): arrive, listen, ask, provide, deliver/broadcast
  • Andy’s Spilling Web analogy for Social Media
  • The David Cameron interactive live broadcast
  • The Mogulus video platform
  • Virtualbox from Sun
  • Using Amazon EC2 for data backups in the cloud
  • The Drobo RAID data storage device
  • Using Jungledisk for intelligent automated offsite backups
  • Andy’s idea for the Nik Butler IT Best Practice Guide

Enthusiastically recorded at Carluccios, Jubilee Street, Brighton.

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