#88: A portion of non-Olympic chips

Seven Bees Cafe, 7b Ship Street Gardens, Brighton BN1 1AJ
On the day that it rained (again) – but at least the Olympic torch is coming to Brighton:

Recorded at Seven Bees Cafe, 7b Ship Street Gardens, Brighton BN1 1AJ

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11 Responses to “#88: A portion of non-Olympic chips”

  1. purplesime Says:

    Even though I know Nik, I’ve never listened to this before.

    I’m an idiot.

    Now please give me my Evernote subscription prize.


  2. nikbutler Says:

    you forgot the code word I provided from the show first post with the code word was the key !

  3. purplesime Says:


    Feck me, these sites don’t work on mobiles very well.

    And I’m still an idiot 🙂

    Now, please give me my Evernote code!

  4. nikbutler Says:

    Well done .. here comes your code

  5. Victor Toal Says:

    Peppermint, peppermint, peppermint …. I wrote it more often than anybody else.

    Listen to the show all the time from the US, though I do not really agree with the sweeping statement that IT departments are a hindrance to innovation (paraphrasing here). Departments are made up of people, people make decisions, people in position of power are the problem. I myself am innocent, I swear . . .

  6. Tim Edwards Says:

    damn… missed it.

    Regardless, I completely agree with your thoughts Nik on BYOD. It’s currently a big tatctical issue for many IT dept to get their heads around. Especially with regards to responsibilities, cost and control. As you said, as with any trend, it’s attracting the attention of many as an opportunity to advice and consult.

    However, consumerisation of the client HW or SW is not on the real issue. The actual matter to understand is the decentralisation of technology and the beginning of shared responsibility for information. The focus for a long time has been on Technology rather than Information and this is now reversing. “IT Depts” are loosing their monopoly on both.

    Sad but true. I think many CIOs are finding that due to their lengthy ‘Enterprise Agreements’, outsourcing deals, 5year+ business cases, IT Dept are proving to be a barrier to innovation rather an enabler.

    Of course, all IT Managers and CIOs will immediately shout… What about Security, Compliance, Integration and Costs?


  7. nikbutler Says:

    Victor thanks for your comment and the codeword though sadly you are not a winner here as it was already claimed however you made me laugh a lot so I am going to send you a 3month Code in its place. If you want to let me know what email address if cool I shall forward that right away.

  8. nikbutler Says:

    Security , Compliance , Integration and costs …. and all the business wants is its Data. Thanks for commenting Tim.

  9. purplesime Says:

    As someone who loves tech but isn’t an IT expert (doesnt work in IT, that is) the whole BYOD generally comes about because the tools for enterprise don’t do the job as well. Reliance on tried as tested *consumer* devices is what users know. Security for them is second place.

    I’ve always looked forward to the day when IT is strategic and agile in enterprise, allowing them to adopt more user-centric devices such as iPads or similar.

    In the financial world, IT locks everything down, so to even function beyond internal comms means using a smartphone or tablet. The biggest issue is when people don’t take care with data across multiple devices, which I think is a good argument to make for IT departments needing to keep the infrastructure within boundaries.

    Let me make the point again that I’m not in IT, just saying it from a user POV. Related: probably talking nonsense again.

  10. nikbutler Says:

    In a separate blog post providing the new CEO of Yahoo Marissa Meyer with some onsoliticted advice item no.5 makes my point again : http://sriramk.com/unsolicitedyahoo.html

  11. Clare Says:

    Have to agree with the comments re: Olympic branding police – had to change one of my offers so I didn’t fall foul! Having companies like McDonalds and Coca Cola as main sponsors/partners for such an event seems like the antithesis of healthy eating!

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