#83: Impossible Goats

Cafe Rococo, St. James St, Brighton BN2

On the day that we celebrated first spring – Nik and Andy decide to Spring clean their life-style….

Recorded at Cafe Rococo, St. James St, Brighton BN2

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One Response to “#83: Impossible Goats”

  1. Clare Evans @clareevans Says:

    Great show guys.

    Everything in moderation and having a balance, in eating, exercise and what we do in our day. If people feel they spend too much time online ‘consuming’ then get focused and be more productive.

    On the consumption and consumerism side of things. My laptops stick around until they get too slow and need upgrading. Current one is now 4yrs old. I do have an old(slow) Blackberry and will only upgrade because of my increasing social media activity and needing a faster more flexible device, so I can be more productive when out of the office.

    P.S. For your female listeners there’s also the ‘Queen of Shaves’ range 🙂

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