#70: Do It Yourself

The Parlour, New Road, Brighton, UK

On the day that we discovered a new coffee shop in Brighton:

Recorded at The Parlour, New Road, Brighton, UK

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  1. Teaching technology in the future – Raspberry Pi | The lost outpost Says:

    […] One thing is to go and sign the brilliant Emma Mulqueeny (aka @hubmum)’s e-petition on the UK gov website. She’s campaigning for an earlier entry for programming into the classroom, at primary level, particularly to encourage more girls to take an interest in technology. I think this is a brilliant step. Nik Butler has posted about the importance of teaching this stuff, too, and I encourage you to read his post – I particularly support the way in which he refutes the list of reasons why this sort of teaching is allegedly a “bad” idea. He’s also talked about the Raspberry Pi on the Social Media White Noise podcast #70. […]

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