#62: Cloud Troubles

Al Duomo, Pavilion Buildings, Brighton, UK
On the day that Ash Cloud 2.0 did not interuppt Andy and Nik from recording. They talked about Being Human in Social Media ( or how Nik Loathes Formulists ) .

Recorded at Al Duomo, Pavilion Buildings, Brighton, UK

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4 Responses to “#62: Cloud Troubles”

  1. Jon Buscall Says:

    Loved the rant Nick! Was listening as I cut the lawn. You should move over to Sweden. I’ve just had 100 Mbit/s broadband installed in my house. 6 months of the year under snow are a bit of a pain but at least the net is fast.

    Love the show as always guys!

  2. Fritz Gambold Says:

    [..] Social Media White Noise » Blog Archive » #62: Cloud Troubles [..]

  3. Clare Evans @clareevans Says:

    I use Formulists but all but one are private and used as a tool to organise my tweeters – useful for a quick view of what’s happening in my Twitter stream.

    I also use manually created Twitter lists to group users.

    Apart from that I don’t like too much Twitter automation – I automate my blog feed, use Hootsuite scheduling and feed posts to LinkedIn and FB.

  4. To err is human; to follow divine – guest post by @Loudmouthman Says:

    […] more on the humanity of good social media take a listen to the first half of ‘Social Media White Noise’ Episode #62 Cloud Trouble where Nik Butler rants about the tendency of these experts to use tools over experience to appear […]

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