#45: In no particular order

On the day that we spent 5 minutes deciding what the “on the day that” was going to be:

Recorded at Beeches Cafe, Piries Place, Horsham, UK.

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3 Responses to “#45: In no particular order”

  1. Clare @clareevans Says:

    Thanks for the tip about .@replies would never have known.

    Seems very limiting of Twitter. As Andy said – it’s how I’ve found out about new and interesting people from the conversations they’re having.

  2. @fiona_mulliner Says:

    Enjoyed the piece on Facebook Places particularly but as ever, interesting and informative. Keep up the good work!

  3. Gordon Says:

    Listening to the podcast about .@replies made me get intouch wiht the app owner of gravity on nokias for twitter and ask him about a button being added for that very purpose.

    Thanks Nik

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