#43: Train spotting

On the day that Andy was late because his daughter was in the shower after he got back from his run:

Recorded at Horsham Station Caffe, Horsham, UK.

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2 Responses to “#43: Train spotting”

  1. tookiebunten Says:

    If Nik is a roadie then I must be a brickies hod, a simple labourer 🙂

  2. Clare @clareevans Says:

    Another interesting podcast. Totally agree with the furore over Facebook.

    Two things:

    a) people don’t seem to realise that what they post on the internet is generally available to the public to view – unless they’ve decided to make it private.

    As Andy mentioned – if you work on the basis that whatever you post is going to be public then you’ll either be aware of that and only post what you’re happy to be seen/read or you’ll make sure it’s private.

    b) It’s no different from phone numbers and addresses in the publicly available phone book and electoral roll.

    Oh and … c) It’s no different from spammers and hackers using their tools to trawl through websites, forums and elsewhere to gather email addresses.

    On the second topic – I’ve just finished reading the excellent “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest”. Much about whistle-blowing and abuses by the state and police. OK, in this case it’s fiction but we know it goes on – usually after the event or when things get leaked.

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