#41: Number nineteen

On the day that we finally left Horsham, and ventured into wider territory:

Recorded at Number Nineteen, Unit 19, Lintott Square, Southwater RH13 9LA.


Mayhemic Labs responded to my comments about ICanStalkU

Enjoy the Podcast : Why not buy us some coffee ?

3 Responses to “#41: Number nineteen”

  1. Clare @clareevans Says:

    Can we have a gallery with pics of coffee cups mentioned and cakes consumed.

  2. Andy White Says:

    I like this idea.
    Maybe we should take pics of the cups with a ruler placed vertically next to them so people can see the size. Then I’ll take a pic of Nik eating his cake – close up. An interior shot of the layout wouldn’t go a miss either.

  3. tookiebunten Says:

    Maybe should have checked the show notes on the last episode before typing my comment, doh!

    Nice mention on the Outriders blog and very amusing images. Surprised there was room for the coffee with all the tech on the table 😉

    Big response from the stalkers, personally I still think they’re working an angle but that could just be the cynical me.

    My opinion on the whole web/privacy thing is, if your posting anything anywhere on the web it’s not private. Ever. Regardless of what the service states. If you want something to be private don’t post it.

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