#39: The dodging bird pooh show

On the day that Andy accidently put his had in some bird pooh – but the show carried on:

Recorded at at The Conservatory Cafe, Horsham Park, Horsham (yes I know we recorded here a while ago but it’s now under new management).

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4 Responses to “#39: The dodging bird pooh show”

  1. Nik Says:

    Apparently the Dontate widget above didnt close its FORM tag meaning people could not comment. I have fixed that now ( i believe )

  2. buddhamagnet Says:

    Awesome – funny, smart and irreverent. I’ll be listening again. There’s a theory that myself and Nick cannot occupy the same phyical space without the cosmos imploding – we must test that theory soon.

    Oh and BTW I played with flavours.me some time ago, thanks for reminding me!

  3. tookiebunten Says:

    I’ve booked marked it for read it later, later.

    Made me laugh. Great show as always.

  4. Clare Says:

    My first SMWN podcast and the first of many. Finally get to hear @loudmouthman in person (well, almost) instead of just enjoying his equally amusing/witty/irreverent signon/signoff tweets.

    Had some thoughts around ROI on Social Media – being focused on how and where people spend their time. While it might not ‘cost much’ – it does in terms of the time and effort we spend engaging in social media.

    If it’s purely social then we can’t really put a value on it. If it’s business focused then you need to appreciate the value of your time and where you spend it.

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