#25: One Year of Waffles

On the day when we realised we were a little bit older and not a little bit wiser.

Sensibly recorded at The Red Roaster Coffee House, 1d St. James St., Brighton, UK.

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2 Responses to “#25: One Year of Waffles”

  1. tookiebunten Says:

    Great podcast as always. Love listening to you both.

    An interesting article I’ve just read on the Muppet Murdoch, the news and google. The jist being that Microsoft and Bing are in talks with the Muppet to pay him to remove his Corps news content from Google search indexes. Could set a very interesting precident in regards to news gathering. Just wondering what your thoughts are on that?


  2. Andy White Says:

    Has he changed his name by deed poll to Muppet? What a muppet!

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