#15: Performance Anxiety and Black Coffee

On the day that Nik encountered every red traffic light on the way to Brighton, we infectiously  present:

Excitedly recorded at Kensington, Kensington Gardens, Brighton.

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2 Responses to “#15: Performance Anxiety and Black Coffee”

  1. Lloyd Davis Says:

    Thanks very much for the mention, Nik – we shall see what happens 🙂

    As I said on twitter, I like the idea of real-life accomplishments and evernote wishlists – in fact Dom from evernote’s PR people picked up on what I said and so I pointed him at this podcast.

    And I’ve just set up my Google Apps for perfectpath.co.uk as I just realised that it would stop my e-mail being b0rked.

    So top value all round in this episode!

  2. admin Says:


    Thank you for your reply. If your getting into Google Apps for your domain ( and I think its a wonderful thing that you are ) then you might be interested in these two Screen casts I provided which detail how to configure Google Apps for your Domain and MX records for your domain


    Best of luck with GAFYD and see you at the next Tuttle.

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