#12: Phantom Meetings, Loud Music and Pretty Girls

On a warm sunny morning in May – when Andy mistakenly thought he had his next meeting at 10:30, when it was in fact 11:30, and so he spoke even faster than normal  – we rushingly present:

  • bit.ly gets even uber-cooler in Tweetdeck
  • Another devleopment with Andy’s Nightmare on Tiscali Street
  • And they’re being acquired by Carphone Warehouse
  • Facebook double standards flame war
  • Is physical Media archaic?
  • The data Schema Shakedown
  • Is Twitter a symptom of dysfunctional society?
  • Wil Harris

Rather hastily recorded at the Cafe Delice, Kensington Gardens, Brighton.

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2 Responses to “#12: Phantom Meetings, Loud Music and Pretty Girls”

  1. redduffman Says:

    Really enjoyable podcast as usual chaps, thank you. I was fascinated to hear your thoughts on the dilemma of physically expressing digital media against saving space. I still struggle with the idea of buying a piece of music or film withou being able to put it on my shelf. As for books…

    Having said that, I suppose that you’d find new ways of expressing your tastes and personality through other forms of more tangible media… art for instance.

    The idea of finding a scaled down, physical expression of the stuff you’re in to is also intriguing. A “Taste Token” so to speak.

  2. onmejack Says:

    Another great show guys.

    Regarding the facebook double standards. have you considered setting up a facebook group about it?


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