#9: Depleted Batteries, Audioboo and Wicked Workflow

lost-monkey1On the day when Andy forgot to recharge his lapel mic batteries, and the audio gradually degraded as the show progressed – oh, and we filled a data card three quarters of the way through – we sheepishly present:

  • Niks Gadget TV show appearance – and Facebook vs Twitter as a way of getting people to an event
  • Audioboo (utterly is similar) – using your iPhone as a mobile podcasting device
  • Spinvox & Evernote integration – @whatleydude is the community manager at Spinvox
  • Using Skitch to annotate photos – Nik’s shelf measurement  photo
  • Amazon’s S3 suitability for podcast hosting
  • Twitter etiquette and Calvinball

Battery depletingly recorded at the Lost Monkey Cafe, Nightingale Road, Horsham.

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2 Responses to “#9: Depleted Batteries, Audioboo and Wicked Workflow”

  1. suzymiller Says:

    My first experience of White Noise. I made a fry up while I listened to get the full cafe atmosphere. Really interesting stuff – helped explain a few things I wasn’t clear on. Looking forward to listening to all the other past and future…..

    @loudmouthman is always fascinating to listen to, and with your sense of humour and skill for asking the right questions Andy, you guys are a fab combination.


  2. Stephen Says:

    Would love to see pictures of your mic setup / recording setups…you should have a “behind the scenes” gear location setup on Flickr!

    Love the show great combo


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